Blogging Rugby 2.0

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Welcome to Blogging Rugby! This is my second attempt at blogging. For those of you that are new to Breaking Rugby, this whole movement began as a blog. I was aspiring to write the next great Haitian-American Classic, but had the worse case of write’s block. I had no idea what I was going to write about until I found rugby. I was an outsider that stumbled upon an undiscovered civilization. The natives brought me in and taught me the ways of the egg-shaped ball. I got pummeled on the pitch and shared spirits with them at sun down. That night rugby was betrothed to me. When I returned to society I had to spread word of my discovery. 


Rugby is life, plain and simple. The hooligan’s game gave me an outlet and inspiration. My first blogs were weekly summaries. I felt like a kid away at camp writing home to mom about all the fun stuff I was doing. All I did was gush about the ups and downs of rugby. I fell in love with the culture. As I got more entrenched, my writing improved. Instead of just describing the activities, I was reliving moments of the matches in my writing.  All that came to a screeching halt because I was overly ambitious. 


In the early stage of the podcast, I wanted to upgrade my site to handle merchandise sales. That is the last time I will ever try to reconfigure my own website. I may have clicked the wrong box or forgot to read the terms and conditions, but some how I migrated my sight to limbo. In limbo my domain was hi-jacked and all my traffic was being forwarded to some random site. I received a couple emails wondering what happened to my site. I told them I was dealing with technical difficulties. Little did they know it would take me almost a year to fix my problem. Quite honestly those two emails meant the world to me. People actually cared about what I’m writing. Now it’s time to give those two readers, and the thousands of future readers, what they have been missing.


With that said enjoy the periodical posts and thank you for breaking rugby with the Chef.