What Happened to Your Podcast?

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What happened to Breaking Rugby? I only get that question from a few loyal listeners that happened to have also been past guests. To be honest I don’t think anyone really missed Breaking Rugby. The conversations were great but the presentation was rough and a bit forced.1 I had no idea what I was doing. I figured out the basics of recording and editing and thought I next greatest podcaster. 

I burned myself out trying to become the Joe Rogan of rugby.2 I spent hours recording, editing, and researching on my own. I prayed I would run into my Jamie on the practice pitch, but I can barely get these guys to respond to their emails. I have come to the realization that I can only be Chef. Chef is a curious social butterfly that makes an impression where ever he goes. Chef is the guy cracking jokes at practice but takes drills seriously. Chef is the guy that won’t quit on the team. Chef is cool.3 Chef may just become the next Strickland4 These past few months gave me a chance to get acquainted with Chef and develop a plan for expressing him to the masses. 

If you were wondering why I stopped recording, Mother Nature humbled me. My creative space was wrecked and I had a perfect excuse to take a much-needed break. I didn’t think my break would last nearly a year. I miss my conversations and hosting my teammates off the pitch, but I spent way too much time in post-production.5 Nonetheless, I can’t wait to get back to recording.

While I’m not recording interviews at the moment, I can still get back to my blogging roots. I won’t make any promises, because I know I will break them. I’ll start posting again and I hope you read.6 In the meantime, I am working on my craft and redefining Breaking Rugby. The Frederick rugby season has been canceled for the unforeseeable future, so pretty much I need an outlet for this pent up energy.7

  1. I had between 30 to 80 listens per episode and I appreciate all of you that took the time to listen. This is my blog so let me get in my “Overly dramatic self-deprecating artist” bag.
  2. #goals 
  3. All quotes from my teammates, no exaggeration what so ever, scouts honor.
  4. Shout out to Steve Strickland, A great rugby player and a hell of a conversationist after a few beers.
  5. Even unedited podcasts need more editing than you would think. 
  6. I’m perfectly fine with screaming into the ether. 
  7. Rugby is basically therapy for a lot of us. We all need a dose of violence from time to time.